The Kibo Code Quantum Program Discount Lifetime

The Kibo Code Quantum Discount

The Kibo Code Quantum Program Discount [Lifetime/Jan 2021]

What is Kibo Code Quantum?

The Kibo Code Quantum is an Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton’s Premium e-commerce Business Training Course with 8 modules and an eight-week period. It’s one of the best ways to recognize the simplest, most predictable, & most efficient market models use to generate sales online.


What Makes Kibo Code Different?

This training includes absolutely everything you need from step to step including the tools to make that happen now what’s great about this as an e-commerce type business model is that you don’t have to worry about things with Amazon inventory, no overseas suppliers, or anything like that because you don’t touch inventory, you don’t touch anything like that it’s all done, and out of your hands, so you don’t have to mess with it which makes this business model. Perfect for someone who wants to be able to just relax and enjoy life and simply going online maybe a couple of hours a day to check on their business, and to keep it going and growing.

What Kibo Code Bring New in 2021?

So what’s new in 2021, because last year was the original launch of the Kibo code of the system. And what they’ve done now in 2021 is, This isn’t really like a relaunch of the product completely redone this product with all new training. Basically, there’s no more Shopify so last year if you were set up in this account you use Shopify stores to build these stores, and that cost you monthly to do this. And now they have their own system they use. So you don’t have to worry about spending that extra monthly cost in a Shopify store, but you’re going to have access to that within the Kibo code quantum Member Area.

Also, instead of focusing mostly on paid traffic which is what they did when they first launched the Kibo code. And this version, they’re going to be focusing a lot on free traffic strategies such as proper SEO, or search engine optimization for getting organic traffic and also getting traffic through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others, but along with that, you’re also going to have training on using different ad networks to drive traffic fast to your sites, and so it also consists of all-new training, hundreds of successful testimonials from previous members from last year, new software, and lots of support.

What are You Going to be Required to Make This Successful?

So the first thing you have to do in this business system is you will be required to buy a domain name or a web address for your online e-commerce store, and they do have a tool that allows you to find a really good domain name so that’s included.

Step number two, is you’re want to set up a store with a pre-loaded high converting theme so there’s already themes included with Kibo code quantum, you just pick one out that you want to use and within about 60 seconds. You have your store up and running on your own domain name.

Step number three, you’re going to use their tools to tap into a database of about 3 million products to find profitable products, and so you don’t have to go out there and do your own researching trying to find vendors to buy products from to drop ship for you to your own customers, all this is done for you within the system, all the products are already here and what’s great about this is that once you pick products out to use for this. They’re removed from the system so other people can’t use them, making it much more unique for you and your business, and to grow it.

Step number four, you’re going to load up your website with these products, and you don’t have to worry about creating images for it you don’t have to worry about creating text for it. It’s all included with you within a system.

Step number five, you’re going to send traffic to your products or your store listings using cheaply underrated, and vastly untapped methods, and that’s one thing about this course that really sets it apart is they go really into deep detail on how to get traffic to your e-commerce store that most people don’t even know about.

Step number six, When sales are made other USA-based suppliers will drop ship the products to your customers so where you don’t need your own inventory. Because what happens is when customers place orders through your website, those orders are connected to a supplier who has that product. They pack that product up, they ship it to the customer. You never have to order that product or touch that product, it’s all handled by another company. So once you have this setup. The next thing you have to do is just optimize keeping the profitable products, finding the ones that are not profitable, getting rid of them. And then just doing that over and over.

Step number eight, which is scaling replicating the process going into your store checking out the products that are selling the best keeping them finding other products that are related to that that might also sell well while in turn, getting rid of the products that don’t do well.

This is an amazing course, I highly recommend it. If it’s the first time getting into a business model, you cannot go wrong with the Kibo code quantum. So sign up for it, where you can enter your email address just to keep updated with it and they will also send you updates about the course itself and there’s going to be some videos coming out you’re going to be interested and learning more about this product and the people who created it.